Battlefield 2042 Event Battle of Nordvik Kicks Off December 20

The Battle of Nordvik, a new limited-time Battlefield 2042 event, has been announced by EA/DICE and will take place from December 20 to January 10. The multiplayer game event is divided into three distinct weeks, each with its own stage of a crucial battle between the Black Storm shadow ops regiment and the Nordvik Control Corps of the Western Forces.

Each week during the event will feature a distinct phase of the battle at Nordvik, the robotics and weapons manufacturing facility found on Season 3’s new map, Spearhead. The first phase, which runs December 20 – 27, is the assault on Nordvik. It’s 32v32 conquest assault with no air vehicles available.

Week two, from December 27 – January 2, is the defence of Nordvik. This 16v16 mode begins as a spin on Conquest, with attackers rushing to secure objectives on their way to the frontline. If they manage to break through enemy lines, the match transitions to a rush mode, in which the attackers have to capture M-COMs scattered throughout the Nordvik factory.

The final phase is the Liberation of Nordvik, and it runs January 3 – 10. For this round of the battle, it’s 128-player all-out war, with faster redeploy times, faster movement speed, and faster vehicle call-ins. It’s going to be chaos.

Each phase also includes exclusive cosmetics to earn by completing weekly challenges and earning ribbons. You can see the full list of rewards over at the official site.

There’s more to come in Season 3, and EA/DICE has given us a peek at what’s on the horizon for the coming year in Battlefield 2042.

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