Battlefield 2042 specialists will continue shifting toward classes

Since the multiplayer game’s release, the Battlefield 2042 specialists system has been the subject of intense debate, and EA/DICE has been gradually moving that system back toward the more recognisable class structure from prior Battlefield games. The developers have now drawn out some of the extra changes that will result from the class redesign.

There’s been some discussion, it seems, about Battlefield 2042’s approach to the arsenal. Basically, every specialist could use every weapon, and they were distinguished by the gadgets and abilities they brought to the field. Some players have felt, DICE says, that with the return to a more class-based system, it would make sense to restrict the potential weapon loadouts of each class.

It makes a certain amount of sense: your assault players are going to primarily be carrying assault rifles, and recons will use DMRs and sniper rifles most of the time. The idea is that having designated weapon options for each class reinforces the class identity unique to each class, giving players a clearer idea of what their battlefield role is when selecting that type of character.

However, DICE says this probably isn’t a good idea, which is probably the right call – by this point, players have gotten used to choosing from the full arsenal when building their loadouts, and suddenly having restrictions on that would likely feel subtractive rather than helpful.

Instead, DICE says it plans on reinforcing class identities by giving classes specific weapon proficiencies that kick in when they’re using a weapon that aligns best with their intended role. For example, a recon player would be able to hold their breath while in ADS on a rifle longer than other classes would.

The latest update post from DICE includes a long list of coming tweaks and changes to the specialists, and to Battlefield 2042 in general. Irish and Crawford are swapping classes, as it turns out, so that Crawford can focus more on offense as an engineer and Irish, as a support, will be better positioned to help fellow infantry as intended.

The latest patch, Battlefield 2042 update 2.2, is out now, and it includes persistent Portal servers for premium battle pass owners, as well as the rework to the Orbital map.

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