Call of Duty Devs Can Mute “Toxic” Warzone 2, Modern Warfare 2 Players

Before the introduction of Modern Warfare 2 season 1 and the Warzone 2 DMZ mode, Call of Duty developers Infinity Ward have added the ability to globally silence “toxic” people in both Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2.

“If a player is verified to be engaging in offensive voice chat…our system upgrade now allows the moderation team to mute that player globally from all in-game voice chat features,” the CoD developer explains. “Similarly, our system can restrict text chat features for players found to be abusing in-game global chat.”

Essentially, if a player is repeatedly reported for in-game chat violations, Infinity Ward and other Call of Duty developers – such as Treyarch, which is building the Modern Warfare 2 ranked play – can completely disable that player’s chat features, either voice or text-based, in all games across all regions, effectively muting them completely. In addition to this new form of moderation, Call of Duty’s developer has expanded the reporting system, allowing players to provide context for each conduct report.

“We know that in-game situations are not always one-size fits all, so our reporting system now allows players to provide context to their reports,” the developer explains. “This optional dialogue box allows players to tell us more about the situation. This, along with the entire overhaul, is foundational to the third pillar of the Call of Duty universe code of conduct to ‘stay vigilant,’ providing players with more tools to help report anything offensive or inappropriate they encounter.”

Initially launching in Modern Warfare 2, these moderation features will also be present in Warzone 2, and become “ foundational for all future Call of Duty titles going forward”.

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