Callisto Protocol PC Stuttering? Try the Horror Game’s PS1 Demake

Users have reported frame rate drops and a wide range of performance issues with the horror game Callisto Protocol, which is similar to Dead Space from Striking Distance. However, as we noted in our Callisto Protocol review, it’s still a fantastic game, possibly even better when you strip away the modern-day, hardware-choking sheen and play Callisto Protocol as a fresh remake made to feel like a PS1 classic.

Built using the Unreal Engine, and completely playable, the Callisto Protocol demake is a recreation of the Dead Space-inspired horror game, imagining what it might look and play like if it had launched all the way back in the late nineties. Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and Parasite Eve fans will feel absolutely at home here, as the sharpened pixels and warping textures transform Black Iron Prison into a PS1-era survival horror experience.

Developed by Stark Crafts, if you’re waiting on Callisto Protocol new game plus, or maybe the upcoming Callisto Protocol DLC, which is expected to add a new hardcore mode, the demake can be downloaded from Patreon, complete with monsters, melee combat, and reimaginings of the game’s opening sections.

It runs wonderfully smoothly, and even though there are some graphical bugs and occasionally choppy animations, all these do is add to the aesthetic – it’s always those little imperfections and quirks that really bring home the nostalgia.

If you are experiencing stuttering, the best Callisto Protocol settings might be able to help. Make sure you’ve got the Callisto Protocol best upgrades to make your harrowing journey through Black Iron a little less terrifying. Our Callisto Protocol weapons guide will also boost your chances of making it out alive, though we can’t guarantee safety in some of the other best survival games on PC.

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