Dead Cells Gets Castlevania Roguelike Revamp and Steam Sale Slash

One of the very finest roguelike games you’ll ever play gets even better with the release of the Dead Cells Return to Castlevania Expansion. Make sure you get the entire Steam bundle or simply the DLCs you’re missing because the original game and all of its supplementary content are currently included in a discount offer.

I’m an unapologetic roguelike enjoyer, and Dead Cells is the peak of the genre. Blending soulslike elements and 2D platforming puts it on par with the likes of Enter The Gungeon, Hades, and the countless other roguelikes everyone should play. In fact, the Dead Cells Castlevania DLC marks the start of what I called the year of the roguelike, so we’d better strap in.

Arguably one of the most genius videogame crossovers ever conceived, the Dead Cells Return to Castlevania DLC adds new areas, boss fights, weapons, story, music, outfits, and even the ability to play as Richter Belmont. And, if you act fast, you’ll also be able to pick up the best roguelike for quite a steal.

There are quite a few Dead Cells bundles in the Steam sale for the roguelike, so we will break them all down for you here.

  • Dead Cells base game 40% off – $14.99 USD / £13.19 GBP
  • Dead Cells complete bundle (including Castlevania) 36% off – $ $35.99 USD / £28.12 GBP
  • Dead Cells Return to Castlevania bundle 36% off – $28.34 USD / £19.52 GBP

Beware that none of the individual DLC is on sale, but these bundles can complete what you already own and still give you a discount if you already own parts of Dead Cells. You can pick up the Dead Cells Steam sale until March 13.

If you end up loving Dead Cells and want even more, we’ve also got lists of the best indie games and best games like Dark Souls (or titles that borrow from the series) for you to check out.

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