Destiny 2 Lightfall Raid Race Could Be Marred by Major Bugs

In just a few days, the Destiny 2 Lightfall raid race is scheduled to begin, but seasoned players are warning that serious issues might ruin the competitiveness in the FPS game and make it unfair for the vast majority of Destiny 2 players vying to be the first in the globe to complete the activity.

Bugs involving armour mods and invisibility are already causing headaches for players, and given the stakes of the community-driven World’s First race, where the leading clans can win unique emblems and a raid belt reward, losing due to a technical failure seems like a worst-case scenario, though an entirely possible one.

The armour mod issues appear to be related to the game’s reworked mod system. Destiny 2 developers overhauled the space game‘s mod system for Lightfall. While the intention is to be beneficial overall, issues with mod functionality could pose problems for players grinding challenging enemy encounters for hours to claim the Root of Nightmares World’s First raid race title.

Among the issues, players report mods are disabling artefact abilities and impacting subclass debuffs such as volatile, which may affect how players construct their raid character builds and weapon choices. Some players report these issues may be related to having more than five stacks of decaying armour charges, but this is unconfirmed.

Guardians also report an invisibility bug where characters render in an invisible state on the screen. While those who encounter this glitch can generally still shoot and move, it removes the character’s reticle, making it difficult to land accurate shots.

Bungie first noted the Destiny 2 Lightfall bug making characters invisible on March 3 but does not appear to have addressed the mods not working as intended. At this time, Bungie does not appear to have introduced fixes for either issue. The company will release a patch today, but it’s unclear whether it will address these problems.

In a contest setting such as the one that Bungie is creating for the World’s First race activity, players who encounter these glitches may face major issues that could cause them to struggle unnecessarily with specific interactions. It could also waste valuable playing time should Guardians need to hard reset due to the invisibility glitch during challenging encounters.

While Bungie would be wise to address these issues so as not to impact the integrity of the World’s First race, it seems the developer presently intends to move forward with the race as planned. Yesterday, the company released a trailer promoting the Destiny 2 Lightfall raid race and announced it would release two free emblems for players who watched the race for at least two hours via Twitch.

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