Disney Dreamlight Valley Companions Are Too Committed to Roles

One of the finest methods to make the most of your resources and earn money rapidly in the life simulation game is to give your Disney Dreamlight Valley partners specialised duties. However, since Disney Dreamlight Valley characters aren’t readily swayed once they set their minds to a certain task, it can be simple to end up with too many eggs in one basket if there isn’t a simple way to track who is managing what.

Once you’ve made a new friend and had them join you in the valley for a short while, you’ll get the opportunity to pick one of five roles for them to specialise in. Picking between gardening, fishing, mining, foraging, and digging, you’ll have the choice to decide which aspect of the farming game you want them to be best suited for.

While companions will earn experience from everything they do while accompanying you around the island, they get an extra bonus if you’re partaking in their preferred activity. Perhaps even more crucially, they also have a chance to award extra rewards each time you harvest that particular resource – making them a great way to nab extra rare gems, valuable fish, and tasty crops to perfect all those Disney Dreamlight Valley recipes.

However, you’re locked into making a choice and there’s no easy way to quickly track in-game exactly how many villagers you have assigned to each task. This fact, combined with a temptation to just pick the thing that’s most useful to you in the moment, can mean you end up with the majority of your town all committed to mining and fishing, for example (my personal two favourites). It’s also easy to simply misclick, leaving yourself locked in for life.

Currently there’s no way to tempt the town’s famous faces to switch up their preferences. Fans of the game suggest that the option to change companion roles in Disney Dreamlight Valley would be a handy way to rectify any potential missteps – one user suggests it could be done with a craftable potion made using Dreamlight, for example. Another notes that a number denoting currently assigned companions on each icon in the role selection screen would at least serve as a handy reminder for how well-balanced (or otherwise) your current setup is.

The Disney Dreamlight Valley Toy Story update is here, along with the new festive season pass included as part of the Disney Dreamlight Valley Christmas update. Be sure to keep an eye on our list of all the Disney Dreamlight Valley codes that can be used to get some extra goodies, and show your friends our Disney Dreamlight Valley beginner’s guide so they can join you on this delightful adventure.

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