Disney Dreamlight Valley Update Teased Ahead of Toy Story Realm

Prior to the Disney Dreamlight Valley Toy Story update, which is expected to feature both Woody and Buzz, another update of some sort has been hinted about. Although Gameloft’s post is somewhat ambiguous and has players wondering which emojis to use, there will undoubtedly be a major announcement regarding the live game very soon.

According to the official Disney Dreamlight Valley Twitter account, we can expect some sort of reveal on November 30, but what it is remains a mystery. The four emojis used are a compass, a downward arrow, a map, and a rocket, which is honestly the most cryptic bunch of things you could put together.

Some thought the compass was a watch, so that and the arrow represented a ‘countdown’, but then why wouldn’t they just use a clock instead? This is one of the reasons why I think everyone associating the rocket with Stitch have it wrong, as why would Gameloft announce Toy Story, in an effort to drum up attention and make sure you have enough Dream Shards, to then drop Stitch out of nowhere?

The more likely scenario is a new biome of some sort, with the compass, arrow, and map referring to the game area itself, and the rocket potentially referring to space or something. If we link it back into the Disney Dreamlight valley Toy Story update, perhaps it’s a Zurg biome or something?

A comment from glowiebeach on Reddit seemed quite likely as well, as they think it could be the mountain behind the Forgotten Lands, “specifically thunder mountain which is a railroad through the mines and [down arrow] means you go down into the mines to get into the mountain? The mountain is in the background of both loading screens and the only thing from the one for scars update we don’t have yet!”

A new biome is the most likely, and the Disney Dreamlight Valley update relating to Toy Story, with the rocket linking to Buzz, also seems like a fairly good guess too. You won’t need to wait too long however, as November 30 is right around the corner, with the Toy Story update – along with Woody and Buzz – dropping on December 6. You can find the Disney Dreamlight Valley update tweet on the official account.

If you’re waiting for this Disney Dreamlight Valley update and want some help, we have the ultimate Disney Dreamlight Valley guide for you, including a look at how to feed and recruit Disney Dreamlight Valley animals as well.

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