Doom’s Scrapped 1992 “Doom Bible” Version Is Now Fully Playable

With the help of a new Doom mod that recreates the 1992 version of what might have been, Doom, the seminal first-person shooter game from id Software, has its original version, as described by co-developer Tom Hall in the original “Doom Bible” design document, rebuilt, relaunched, and made completely playable.

Multiple characters, realistic settings, a story – it doesn’t sound like Doom. But once upon a time, before John Romero, John Carmack, Adrian Carmack, and Tom Hall decided to take their groundbreaking FPS in a different direction, this was Doom. Set on the fictional planet of Tei Tenga, it would follow one of four selectable heroes – John, Dimitri, Thi, and Lorelei – as they attempt to repel a demon invasion after a scientific experiment goes awry. And now it’s back, and fully playable.

Each of the characters have different attributes (Dimitri, for example, is the designated “tank”, and so has a higher base health) and the weapon arsenal varies from the 1993 Doom we know and love, with a single-shot rifle, SMG, and familiar-yet-alien “BFG 2704”. The episode titles are different, there are new enemies in the form of possessed, lab-coat-wearing scientists, and each episode contains pop-up text to deliver a simple narrative, something the actual Doom leaves you to piece together (or ignore entirely) yourself.

Dubbed Doom: Fall of Tei Tenga, the restored version of Doom 1992 is available to play now. It’s slower, heavier, and maybe a little tougher than the final id Software shooter, playing and responding more like Wolfenstein 3D. If you want a glimpse at what might have been, an alternate universe where the Doom Bible design doc was never thrown out, get Fall of Tei Tenga on Mod DB now.

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