Dread Hunger is Now More Popular on Steam Than Among Us

Dread Hunger is a new PC game for 2022 that is basically Among Us meets The Terror, and it’s proving to be a hit on Steam. Since its January release, the combination of social deduction and survival game has slowly grown in popularity, and Dread Hunger now has a greater player count than Among Us.

There are a lot of great games like Among Us on PC – even Epic’s phenomenally popular Fortnite has had a go at a social deduction game – but new challenger Dread Hunger is rising in popularity in a way few others have managed.

Since it was released on January 26, Dread Hunger has seen steadily rising concurrent player counts daily on Steam. At the moment, it has a player count peak of 63,534 – which it will probably break again in the next 24 hours. Among Us hasn’t had a player count that high in almost a year, since the Airship update at the end of March 2021.

Dread Hunger has a long way to go before it hits Among Us’ peak of 447,476 from September 2020 – or 1.5 million across all platforms – but it’s a great start, especially as the game has a lot of differences from Innersloth’s. Dread Hunger is first-person, for a start, and doesn’t just have the two players trying to betray the crew – it also has a Rust-like survival aspect too, as players fight to stay alive against the unforgiving winter wilderness. You can even eat your crewmates if you wish.

Be warned though – there’s a mature content description in place, which states that limbs can be chopped off and used as weapons, and “sometimes dead people have willies”. Shocking stuff.

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