Dreamlight Valley Update Adds the Custom Doors We Wished For

Your room doors are set to undergo a significant alteration as part of the Dreamlight Valley Encanto update, which may be rather appropriately. Disney Dreamlight Valley is still very much a work in progress, despite being one of the best life simulation games on PC in 2023. However, one of its most anticipated additions is scheduled to appear shortly with the complete functionality we were expecting for and more.

If, like me, you’ve spent tens of thousands of your Dreamlight Valley gold stocks on fancy doors only to be left disappointed upon realising that you can’t actually, y’know, go through them, then you’re in luck. Developer Gameloft confirms that update three will finally allow you to customise your interior doors, replacing those bland green room doors with more thematically fitting and stylish selections.

That’s not all, though. Gameloft says you’ll also be able to reposition the doors along the wall – so if you’re putting together the perfect room layout, you’ll be able to shift that pesky door out of the way rather than having to work around doors in the centre of every single wall, especially for your central rooms.

Door customisation is a welcome change, and it has understandably been received with delight by the Dreamlight Valley community. With a variety of different custom doors available in-game since release, it was always obvious that the plan was to include this feature eventually, but it doesn’t make the news of its arrival any less sweet. It’s also rather appropriate that it lands alongside the Encanto update, which promises to set players on a search for Mirabel’s door knob.

Disney Dreamlight Valley – screenshot showing a custom sci-fi style door in a purple-walled living room
Also included in the update are a range of colourful skins to upgrade your Disney Dreamlight Valley house with an all-new look. Hopefully we’ll see even more in future updates throughout 2023 – personally I’d love to see an option to move your room layout around from the default ‘plus-shape’ structure, but I’m more than content with what we’ve got for now.

With plans for multiplayer included in the Disney Dreamlight Valley updates roadmap, now’s the perfect time to start sprucing up your home for any potential visitors.

We’ll be sure to keep you up to date on the next Dreamlight Valley update release date and other news. In the meantime, make sure you’ve cooked up all the Disney Dreamlight Valley recipes and stocked up on Disney Dreamlight Valley Dream Shards so you’re prepared for the update’s arrival.

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