Elden Ring mod brings huge HD texture overhaul to FromSoftware RPG

The entire Lands Between has been rebuilt in breathtaking HD thanks to a new Elden Ring update, which also promises to include new textures for characters, armour, and weapons. The Elden Ring mod completely overhauls all environmental textures in the dependable FromSoftware RPG game.

The Elden Ring Texture Improvement Project is a massive undertaking which so far has upscaled precisely 4,150 textures in FromSoftware’s opus, transforming trees, groundcovers, and even skyboxes into brand new versions that are somehow even prettier than the already stunning base game.

Plants and leaves are distinct from one another, cracks and details appear sharply on the walls, and you can make out all the individual grains and deformations in the sides of wooden buildings. Created by modder Bardo, it’s built in collaboration with two other Elden Ring devotees, Yabber and UXM, and according to its creators should not impact Elden Ring PC performance whatsoever.

Despite already recreating more than 4,000 textures, the Elden Ring Texture Improvement Project is far from complete, with the developers planning to also rework textures for characters, NPCs, armour, and weapons in the future.

To install the current version, you will need the Elden Ring mod engine. After that, download the texture pack, extract the files to the mod engine, and launch the game from there. You can find full instructions, as well as the relevant download links, over on Nexus Mods.

Alongside the Texture Improvement Project, make sure you check out some of the other best Elden Ring mods to make your FromSoftware, Soulsborne experience as fresh and lively as possible. You might also want to learn everything possible about the best Elden Ring weapons, or maybe delve into our Elden Ring bosses guide, since nothing in the Lands Between ever comes easy.

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