Elden Ring Mod Turns Fromsoftware Rpg Into the Ultimate Walking Sim

The Lands Between, a FromSoftware RPG inspired by Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and George R. R. Martin, can now be enjoyed as a serene, beautiful walking sim thanks to a new Elden Ring mod that disables all hostile enemy AI. This is perfect for players who just want to breathe in an open world without the hassle of killing and dying.

If you’ve already defeated Malenia, Radagon, and the Elden Beast, and you’re looking for a fresh experience in the sweeping RPG, Peaceful Ring by modder ‘Rainer Geis’ makes every single NPC in the game into a non-hostile, benign part of the scenery.

You can still kill them, because naturally you need to defeat bosses in order to progress, but otherwise you’re free to explore the Lands Between absolutely at your leisure, breathing in the gorgeous Siofra River, Limgrave, and Nokron like you’re playing the world’s most luxurious walking sim.

Peaceful Ring might also serve as a handy kind of training tool. Let’s say it’s your first time playing and you hit an especially difficult zone like Farum Azula. You can briefly install the mod, take a look around to see what’s coming up and where the mobs are lying in ambush, then disable the mod again and take another run at the area equipped with the helpful intel.

More than anything, however, it lets you enjoy the beauty and craft of Elden Ring’s world design without interruption. I’m reminded of similar mods that disable the Xenomorph AI in Alien Isolation, so you can simply absorb the atmosphere of Sevastopol station without getting skewered in a vent. It’s a way to appreciate the work and vision that has gone into a game as if you’re strolling through an art gallery. You can get Peaceful Ring now over on Nexus Mods.

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