Elden Ring Mod Turns Open World Into Silent Hill Style Horror Game

Not quite a horror game, but what if Elden Ring was? Consider Silent Hill. In fact, one Elden Ring mod achieves just that by testing your navigational abilities and asking you how well you know the open-world game. It’s time for players who are familiar with Silent Hill’s town and fog like the back of their hand to get up and accept this challenge.

Called “Perma-Blizzard” and developed by thefifthmatt, this mod does what it says on the tin and more, as the Consecrated Snowfield heavy snow effect now engulfs the entirety of The Lands Between in a thick fog, evocative of Silent Hill.

“This mod freezes over the Lands Between and turns the entire game into a blizzard with terrible visibility,” explains thefifthmatt. “All weather patterns now match Consecrated Snowfield. Even indoors, everything is submerged in an impenetrable white fog. The snow/wind effect is outdoors-only.

“Optionally, there’s a No Map mode where the player position and all details are hidden on the in-game map, so you can’t use it for navigation, only for fast travel. In this mode, opening the map always opens it to the same fixed position.”

If you want to see the Elden Ring mod in action combined with a series of other mods, YouTuber LilAggy used it in the below video.

You could even combine this with even more Elden Ring mods to enhance and shake up your time in The Lands Between, like an Elden Ring HD texture overhaul, or an Elden Ring ultimate spells mod for the RPG game.

You can also find thefifthmatt’s Elden Ring mod over on Nexus Mods.

If the foggy Lands Between prove to be too much of a challenge for you, we have a list of the best Elden Ring builds to help you out, alongside the best Elden Ring classes as well.

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