Even More Atomic Heart Gameplay Shows Exploration of the USSR Facility

With Atomic Heart’s release date rapidly approaching, it’s still unclear how the FPS game, which draws inspiration from BioShock and Far Cry, will really play in-game or what the sci-fi nightmare version of the USSR will be like to explore. However, that has changed now that the Mundfish game was on display and showcased at the recent Taipei Game Show. Additionally, new Atomic Heart gameplay and information were obtained directly from the event.

We now know that Atomic Heart is set in a top-secret research facility gone wrong after the robotic helpers it housed went rogue and began attacking staff and visitors, but the trailer was quite cinematic and made it difficult to see any uncut raw gameplay.

That said, new footage from Taipei Game Show has been shared online of attendees playing Atomic Heart, and the official website for the game has shared an almost 30-minute presentation with English subtitles as well.

The raw Atomic heart gameplay footage from TGS posted online shows the Theatre part of the game, as the player darts around the environment and takes out the infected enemies. Uncut footage of both ranged and melee combat, puzzle solving, and the HOG-7 ‘Hedgie’ boss fight is all shown, which should give you an incredibly clear idea of how the shooting and atmosphere will be presented during gameplay.

If you want even more Atomic Heart details and footage from Taipei Game Show, a 30-minute presentation shows the same Hedgie boss fight and the recent extended gameplay trailer, intercut with presenters and a word from the developers at Mundfish as well, which you can check out below.

Atomic Heart releases on February 21 on Steam and consoles, with it also available on PC Game Pass day one as well.

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