Fall Guy Fortnite Event Foes Life With Free DLC

The much-teased and heavily-leaked Fortnite Fall Guys crossover event has finally begun, or, more precisely, the friendly collaboration (that’s no fun), amongst the several battle royale games. Rocket League also appears to be a part of the presentation, and players who complete the Fall Guys Crown Clash challenges will receive free DLC for all three multiplayer games.

If you didn’t know, Epic Games owns Fortnite, Fall Guys, and Rocket League, but there hasn’t yet been a big collaboration between all three online games. Now, with the arrival of Fall Guys on the Epic Games Store as a free-to-play game, it’s apparently time for a celebration.

The event itself is restricted to Fall Guys – simply complete the ‘Crown Clash’ challenges and you’ll unlock Kudos points and “free rewards,” which at the moment are all just based around playing matches up to a maximum of a hundred. While not fully confirmed by Epic right now, players are currently unlocking the various free DLC items in Fortnite and Rocket League right now.

The Crown Clash event runs in Fall Guys until July 11, so you have until then to get all the rewards.

Here’s a look at the Major Mancake set for Fortnite, which seems to be the highly-unrelated reward for completing the Fall Guys Crown Clash challenges alongside their items and emotes.

As a German cannibal once said, he looks delicious.

While the Fall Guys Steam version is still being supported, it’s unknown whether players on Steam can take part in this event. Either way though, Fall Guys is doing very well since going free-to-play.

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