Genshin Impact Marvelous Merchandise Event Returns With Free Primogems

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With the return of the Genshin Impact Marvelous Merchandise event, players can now receive free Primogems, ore for enhancing weapons, talent books, mora, and other valuable goods. Just in time for the holiday gift-giving season, everyone’s favourite merchant, Liben, has made a triumphant comeback to the anime game with his renowned Boxes o’ Marvels. You should make sure to collect all the freebies while the Genshin Impact event is still active since it only lasts a short while.

The Genshin Impact version 3.2 edition of Marvelous Merchandise starts today, November 28, and lasts for just one week before coming to a close on December 5. This event has rerun several times during the last two years, but for those who are unaware, it’s essentially a check-in event that you’ll need to do daily.

Liben is a merchant who can be found at his map icon, and he’ll ask you to bring him different, random items each day. These usually include things like various foods and flowers. In exchange for these items, Liben will allow you to open one Box o’ Marvels each day to obtain Primogems, talent books, mora, and more. There’s one themed box for each element of slime.

Only one box can be opened per day, which is why it’s important to check in with Liben daily to avoid missing out on the free goodies. If you speak to Liben each day, you’ll obtain a total of 380 Primogems – 280 after all seven days, then another 100 from the Mega Box o’ Marvels if you’ve kept up with your check-ins.

If you’re looking for more details on Marvelous Merchandise, all of the details can be found on the HoYoLAB event page.

Participating in this event is a quick and easy way to save up extra Primogems for Genshin Impact version 3.3. You’ll need as many as you can get if you’re planning on pulling for Scaramouche, Faruzan, or Itto in the first half, or Raiden Shogun and Ayato in the second half.

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