Genshin Impact Meets Initial D, as Sayu Drift Memes Come to Life

One user has used a driving wheel controller to make the Genshin Impact Sayu drift memes, which humorously accurately depict the ninja’s movement when using her elemental power, actual. Sayu’s skill, which is likely the most enjoyable to use, has now been upgraded. Not many characters in the anime game have ways to boost speed and aid the team move from place to place faster than the regular sprint.

Some characters like Rosaria and Dehya boost the team’s sprint speed depending on the time of day, but those are just passives. Meanwhile, Ayaka and Mona have alternate sprints that speed up their traversal at the cost of stamina, with cool effects.

Sayu, Yelan, and Wanderer, on the other hand, have speed-boosting elemental skills that exist separate from the normal sprint. These skills don’t consume stamina and have the most interesting mechanics of all the movement boosts.

When it comes to Sayu, she curls up into a ball and starts rolling around, which is where all of the drift memes come from. A Redditor named Mr_Raymann recently posted a video where Sayu is being controlled using a steering wheel and stick shift to take this movement to the next level. And of course, the clip is set to the soundtrack of the Initial D anime.

In the thread, Mr_Raymann explains that the steering wheel is considered a Logitech peripheral, so it can be connected and used with the help of Logitech software that’ll allow you to map buttons and controls to the wheel, pedals, and stick shift.

Sayu isn’t currently available in Genshin Impact version 3.5, but you’re still able to pull for Dehya and Cyno for about another week before Ayaka and Shenhe arrive in the second half of the update.

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