Genshin Impact’s Deyha Is So Bad Players Have Started a Hashtag

The newest five-star character, Dehya, has many Genshin Impact players angry, and they’ve flocked to Twitter to express their anger. The hashtag “#FixDehya” is being used by the community to post their favourite buffs as well as videos and pictures highlighting the character’s present lack of utility. Although while it may sound extreme, Dehya is widely regarded as the anime game’s worst five-star character to date, and for good cause.

It’s genuinely a bit baffling how HoYoverse managed to fumble the release of one of the most well-liked characters in Sumeru. One of Dehya‘s teaser trailers even inspired players to donate thousands to a children’s charity in China. But, at this point, she’s getting players to pull for her off the strength of her in-game actions and design alone.

Gameplay-wise, one of the main issues is that Dehya is a tank in a game where nearly invincible shielders like Zhongli already exist alongside meta-shifting healers like Kokomi and Bennett. Usually, teams only want to use one character slot for either a healer or a shielder to increase survivability.

As it stands, if you choose to run Dehya, you’ll likely also need a healer to keep her alive in tough fights. She can only mitigate a certain amount of team damage, and her self-heal has a 20-second cooldown which is far too long if she wants to keep tanking. Wasting two team slots on survivability will eat into your team’s DPS potential, which Dehya also doesn’t help with.

Players have been sharing the following image wherever they can along with the #FixDehya hashtag to make their voices heard.

Genshin Impact players are pleading for Dehya buffs with new hashtag: anime giel standing next to text listing Genshin Impact changes

There’s no telling if HoYoverse will come forward with even a single Dehya buff, but the players intend to be heard regardless.

If you’re one of the fans who intend to pull for her no matter what, you can still do so in the first half of Genshin Impact version 3.5, until Ayaka and Shenhe arrive in the second half.

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