Gotham Knights Frame Rate Stutters Without Denuvo DRM

Since its release, Gotham Knights has experienced frame rate problems, making it difficult for nearly every gaming PC, regardless of configuration, to run the action game smoothly. Many people anticipated that performance would increase after Denuvo DRM was removed, however this isn’t exactly the case.

The latest Gotham Knights patch dropped earlier this week, bringing a host of minor fixes while also removing the game’s implementation of Denuvo. Yeeting this DRM software has previously helped boost fps in games like Resident Evil Village, and the same is true here to an extent.

CapFrameX reports that average frame rates jump slightly in its absence, which should be welcome to news to those without the best graphics card. However, frame pacing issues and stuttering continue to hamper the Gotham Knights experience, making this fps boost feel rather pointless in the grand scheme of things.

Developer WB Montréal promises to deliver a “larger patch” in the near future, which should “improve performance overall and give you the best possible experience.” There’s no ETA for this update, so you’ll need to put up with less than optimal performance in the meantime while you search for Gotham Knights Batarangs and their locations across the city.

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