Gotham Knights PC Port Should No Longer Be Unplayable Online

According to WB Games Montréal, the company that created the Gotham Knights PC edition of the superhero game, there is already a remedy for the problem. Matchmaking wasn’t functioning for certain Gotham Knights players who were having trouble finding online opponents, but WB Games has provided a fix, so you should be good to go at this point.

“The team recently pushed a server side fix that should solve the issue where some PC players couldn’t join each other’s games! This fix does not require a game update; just go back to [the] main menu and continue, or relaunch,” says WB Games Montréal.

This update for the Gotham Knights PC port came after a matchmaking issue was identified for the game, which was preventing PC players from joining co-op games online. The best part is you don’t even need to update the game, instead Gotham Knights should just now work as intended.

You can find the official update on Twitter from the Gotham Knights account. Or you can check out our Gotham Knights review, where we address the mostly meaningless RPG mechanics baked into the action combat, and praise the story and, in turn, how it should appeal to long-time Batman: Arkham series fans.

If you need more help with Gotham Knights we’ve got you covered, as we’ve got guides to all Gotham Knights landmark locations, a full Gotham Knights mission list, all the Gotham Knights fast travel locations, and even a guide to Gotham Knights mods fusing as well.

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