Granblue Fantasy: Versus Rising Set to Launch in 2023

The annual Granblue Fantasy Fes event is taking place this weekend in Japan, and as is customary, there will be some significant announcements from the Granblue community. Specifically, an expansion for Granblue Fantasy: Versus is coming this year and will be available everywhere. Players will be able to explore new characters, stages, and a fresh plot in Granblue Fantasy: Versus Rising. The Versus Rising clip shows that the game will support crossplay between PS4/PS5 and PC through Steam as well as rollback net code.

Skimming through the game’s website, it’s confirmed that all 24 characters from the original game will return for this semi-sequel. Additionally, anybody who missed out on Versus will be able to experience an abridged version of that game’s celebrated story mode. If you play a lot of Versus online, know that the online lobby will be completely revamped for Versus Rising and will include the all-new “Grand Bruise Legends” mini-game mode.

I guess calling it “Granblue Fall Guys” would have been a little too on the nose. Either way, all of that looks great, and it’s nice to know that Street Fighter 6 will have some competition this year. Expect Cygames and Arc System Works to reveal more details and new features as we get closer to its launch date. Granblue Fantasy: Versus Rising will release worldwide this year for PS4, PS5, and PC via Steam. And if you’re still playing the original Versus, know that the final update for that game will release on January 24.

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