Half-Life 2 Remade as Classic Resident Evil-Style Horror Game, Out Now

It’s like combining pizza with ice cream or burgers and fries. Half-Life 2 and Resident Evil have been combined to create a brand-new, fixed-camera horror game that is currently available for free. This is it, in my opinion, if you’re looking for something to pass the time till Resident Evil 4 comes out.

Lost and Damned is a total conversion mod for Half-Life 2, using monsters and guns from the Valve and Steam FPS as the basis for a ‘90s-esque survival horror set inside – you guessed it – an old mansion. Inventory management, tricky aiming, and tank controls – every aspect of Half-Life 2 has been reworked for that classic Resident Evil feel. You can see Lost and Damned in action below:

Instead of the Umbrella T-Virus monstrosities, we get the headcrab zombies. Rather than first-aid sprays, we have those little green HP vials that you find in the Combine’s wooden crates. Lost and Damned even has its own custom-made soundtrack – the main theme in particular sounds like the perfect blend of the thumping battle music from Half-Life 2, and the lo-fi synthesiser score for the original Resident Evil.

Created by modder ‘SellFace’, all you need to play Lost and Damned is your own copy of Half-Life 2 Episode Two, since it uses the 2007 shooter as its base. Built in around five months, the full version of Lost and Damned is available for download here.

With Leon Kennedy set to make a return, check out our Resident Evil 4 Remake review for the full verdict on Capcom’s latest. You might also want to play some of the other best FPS games, or, if you’re a big Half-Life buff, some of the greatest old games that you can still get on PC.

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