Halo Infinite Multiplayer PvE Mode Removed in Winter Update

A free battle pass, new maps, campaign network co-op, Forge, multiplayer match XP, and more are all included in the new Halo Infinite multiplayer Winter Update. The inclusion of hotly contested features in a Halo game almost a year after its initial release marks a potentially pivotal moment for Microsoft’s premier first-person shooter. However, a lot of people have noticed that one of the multiplayer game modes from Halo Infinite is missing, and there is no indication of why.

The game mode that’s missing in the Halo Infinite multiplayer is Bot Bootcamp, and while it isn’t as vital to hardcore players, it was definitely a great way to quickly jump into a PvE mode with your friends who’ve never played the game before and give them the rundown of maps, power ups, weapons, and more.

We’ve checked Halo Infinite ourselves to confirm Bot Bootcamp is gone, and have reached out to 343 Industries and Microsoft to try and get an answer as to why the beginner-friendly game mode has been removed.

The prevailing theory from players is that it has something to do with the new Halo Infinite multiplayer match XP system, with 343 potentially wanting to avoid the PvE mode becoming a haven for quick and easy XP and challenge grinding while the team is still trying to iron out the kinks of the new rewards system.

That said, it still doesn’t explain why the removal of Bot Bootcamp has gone unannounced for the Halo Infinite Winter Update. It could have been removed to help with queue times for other modes too, as quite a few players have now said online that they would often get the challenges they could in Bot Bootcamp before moving onto the PvP part of the Halo Infinite multiplayer.

Bot Bootcamp may still come back to multiplayer when 343 has all the systems working as it likes, but only time will tell.

If you want more Infinite alongside the new Winter Update it was recently revealed by 343 that the Halo Infinite co-op splitscreen was around 80% done before being cancelled. Microsoft also admitted recently that the Halo Infinite multiplayer stumbled at the finish line, with this Winter Update aiming to change that.

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