Horror game Thy Creature is a KRPG Vampire Survivors

Horror games are ideal for the dreary winter months that precede the new year, and Korean roguelike Thy Creature is just that. The game is finally ready for release after a lengthy early access timeframe, and it looks even better than before.

Inspired by the classic horror world of Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein, gothic adventure Thy Creature is the brainchild of Korean indie devs Growing Seeds, blending tower ascension with roguelike-style combat that would make fellow creepy game Cult of the Lamb proud.

You pilot a currently unnamed creature who has been badly wounded by aggressive humans touting pitchforks and torches. He returns to a mysterious tower, which he soon remembers is where he was born, and seeks to climb to its top in order to “make his earnest wish come true.”

Combat resembles fellow hammer horror-inspired game, Vampire Survivors. You’re tasked with dodging showers of bullets, upgrading your character, all while facing off against some particularly nasty looking bosses.

As you climb you uncover more about our mysterious protagonist, as well as two other characters that you see in the trailer below. One is a young brown-haired girl, while the other is a taller Harry Potter-inspired boy (apparently called Noah). As the trailer comes to a conclusion, we see both of them twist and warp into creepy versions of themselves – implying maybe they aren’t our allies, after all.

YouTube Thumbnail
Thy Creature has been available in Early Access form on Steam since February, and has widely positive reviews. It will launch officially on November 15, meaning you’ll be able to recover our protagonist’s lost memories just in time for Christmas. If you fancy it, you can check out the Thy Creature Steam page.

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