How to Beat the Hogwarts Legacy Pensieve Guardian and Destroy the Orb

The Hogwarts Legacy Pensieve Guardian is a recurring enemy, thus it’s critical to approach this boss encounter prepared with a plan for defeating it and destroying the orb. The Pensieve Guardian is the biggest and strongest enemy in the game so far, and you won’t be able to defeat him using the combat techniques you’ve learned so far.

Our Hogwarts Legacy tips guide features helpful combat advice which should help you avoid taking damage. If you aren’t confident in your fighting abilities, you can always rely on the power of Hogwarts Legacy potions to bail you out of trouble. So if you’re struggling to destroy the Pensieve Guardian orb in Hogwarts Legacy or beat this tough boss in general, here’s what you need to know.

How to destroy the Pensieve Guardian orb
The first thing you’ll need to know is how to destroy the orb. This is the best way to deal a large amount of damage and avoid taking damage at the same time, because if you don’t break it, the orb will be flung at your face and is difficult to dodge. The orb can be purple, yellow, or red, the same colour as your Hogwarts Legacy spells. As long as you attack the orb using the same colour spell while it’s charging up, it should explode in the Pensieve Guardian’s face, stunning it for a short period of time.

How to beat the Pensieve Guardian
Before you enter the boss battle against the Pensieve Guardian and the rest of the Pensieve knights that protect the trials, there’s always an unopened chest before you cross the bridge leading to the fight. These chests appear right before you open the final door and they contain five healing potions to keep you going in the fight. Try not to spend these potions fighting off the Pensieve knights beforehand as you’re going to need them against the big fella.

The key to defeating the Pensieve Guardian is to focus on building your combo metre while dealing damage using long-range spells. Switch between your fire spells like Confringo, Incendio, and Expelliarmus to inflict large amounts of damage to the boss. Almost all of the boss’ attacks are telegraphed so you can easily avoid them, as long as you leave yourself with enough room to escape. Don’t let the boss push you close to the edge of the stage – you need to have room to dodge out of the way of attacks.

Speaking of dodging attacks, it’s best to come to these fights prepared with the right Hogwarts Legacy talents, specifically Protego Absorption to build your Ancient Magic metre faster, and Swift to drastically improve your dodge roll. Be aware that the Pensieve Guardian does have an attack that usually takes place after you hit it with your strongest Ancient Magic attack (X on keyboard, LB/L1/RB/R1 on controller). This attack doesn’t display an unblockable indicator, so you need to manually steer clear of the boss before it stands up.

While you’re going to want to rely on your dodge roll as much as you can, there are a number of opportunities to land a Perfect Protego. If you find yourself using Protego on the unblockable attacks, it might be worth dodging out of the way of every attack just to maintain your combo streak.

And that’s all you need to defeat the Hogwarts Legacy Pensieve Guardian boss. By the time you fight this boss a second time, you may have access to the Hogwarts Legacy unforgivable curses to help make this boss battle a complete walkover. Don’t forget to claim the rewards for ticking off the Hogwarts Legacy challenges once you defeat this main quest. Finally, if you’re looking for something new, check out our list of the best PC games to find critically acclaimed titles.

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