League of Legends Aurelion Sol Ult Spawns Lee Sin, Because Why Not

Yes, you read that correctly. Thanks to the League of Legends Aurelion Sol update, players that have the appropriate skin equipped can now spawn a Lee Sin. At first sight, I assumed it was a joke as well, but it turns out to be a fantastic easter egg that will delight ardent MOBA players.

As dedicated LoL players know, Riot is very careful when it comes to weaving its different in-game universes together. Characters donning the Wild West-themed High Noon skins will challenge each other to a good ol’ showdown amidst the non-existent tumbleweed, and the lovable Star Guardians will greet their fellow teammates with a smile.

With the new Aurelion Sol rework, Riot has added a new interaction between Storm Dragon Aurelion Sol and Storm Dragon Lee Sin, but it’s not just a casual conversation or snippy exchange of words – it’s probably one of the best additions to the game I’ve seen in a long time.

When casting Aurelion Sol’s new ultimate, Falling Star / The Skies Descend, there’s a 1% chance that Storm Dragon Lee Sin will spawn in the sky, crashing down upon the space puppy’s enemies and obliterating anyone unfortunate enough to within range.

As seen in SkinSpotlights’ video below, if he fails to hit anyone he hits the ground with force, splattering into a tangled set of limbs before fading into the earth. Ouch.

As a secret Aurelion Sol fan (I love him, but can’t play mid) I am absolutely obsessed with this fun little addition. Given that one of his ultimate voice lines is “I’m going to throw a star at you now, good luck,” this playful little easter egg perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the sassy Star Forger, giving him more personality than he had before – and he had bags of it.

I don’t own the Storm Dragon skin, but I may just have add it to my collection – yet another reason for me not to check how much I’ve spent on League of Legends. It’s worth collecting the last of the current League of Legends Prime Gaming rewards, though – after all, you may get lucky and scoop up the skin.

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