League of Legends Neeko Rework Is Coming Very, Very Soon

A League of Legends Neeko redesign is desperately needed and has been in the works for some time, even if she can no longer transform into a turret (phew). Riot is being coy about the game’s actual release date, but we can expect to see some significant improvements coming to the MOBA’s wittiest pixie in the near future.

Remember that time that Neeko was removed from League of Legends because she could turn into a turret? Me too. It was horrible – for the people I was playing against (cue evil laughter).

All jokes aside, however, while I love to play as the adorable little Vastaya, I fully believe that she needs a rework in order to be viable again. While I OTP her as a support, she currently sits at C+ tier in both top and mid on LoLalytics, and a pretty crushing D tier as an ADC.

Neeko has already been highlighted as a champ that’s very much in need of a rework, but Riot has been rather evasive as to when those changes will be implemented – until now; well, kind of.

Replying to a dedicated Reddit thread asking “has there been any news on when the Neeko midscope is coming out?” game designer Ezra ‘Phlox’ Lynn jokes “soonTM.”

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Thankfully, this is followed up by product manager on the champion update team Ryan ‘Reav3’ Mireles, who clarifies “don’t worry she is still in development. I know you are all excited as the rework is really cool, but the tech for it is more complex then most midscopes so she is going to take a little longer.”

Concluding that the rework “should hopefully be out sometime in spring,” there’s more than just chocolate Easter eggs to get excited about, friends.

I absolutely adore Neeko, I really do, but at the moment she just feels underpowered and utterly useless. Hopefully the rework brings her out of the woodwork (get it, because forest?) and back onto Summoner’s Rift for some cheesebread picnics.

Until then we have a League of Legends tier list to help you choose the best champion for your lane, as well as a rundown of all of the League of Legends Prime Gaming rewards and how to claim them – you may get lucky and get a sweet skin for Neeko, after all.

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