Lost Ark Reaper Release Date Almost Here as Modes and Skills Explained

The advanced class will soon join the Deathblade and Shadowhunter as the third choice for Assassins in the upcoming RPG game, The Lost Ark Reaper. The Reaper makes use of the ability to switch between two extra fighting modes: a stealthy Persona mode that allows her to attack from the shadows, and a quick-moving, highly damaging Chaos mode that gives you the option to be outspoken and aggressive.

The Lost Ark Reaper global release date is November 16. The class has three skill categories – Dagger kills make use of the Reaper’s deadly blade, Shadow skills focus on deception, concealment, and mobility, and Swoop skills allow the Reaper to unleash devastating attacks that are heavily enhanced when in Persona mode.

While in Normal mode, your Persona gauge will fill up over time and as you land skills on enemies. Once full, you can hit a button to enter Persona mode, summoning a Shadow Illusion to distract foes and putting you into temporary stealth. During this state, you get 30% additional move speed and can’t be seen by enemies unless they get within four metres of you. You’ll remain in stealth until your gauge drains or you attack, though movement and stand up skills will keep you stealthy. As you remain in Persona mode longer, you’ll stack a buff each second up to five times that increases the damage of your Swoop skills by 25% per stack.

If instead you don’t want to embrace the shadows, you can continue fighting while your Persona gauge is filled to charge up your Chaos gauge with every Dagger and Shadow skill you hit. Once full, you’ll shift into Chaos mode, gaining an additional 15% crit rate, 10% move speed, and 10% attack speed for nine seconds. Using a Shadow skill or hitting foes with Dagger skills will reset the duration, allowing you to potentially stay in Chaos mode as long as you keep fighting. Once the timer runs out, you will be reverted to a full Persona gauge.

You’ll also have the option to make use of two class engravings to enhance her abilities. The Hunger engraving focuses on the Chaos mode, causing you to charge your Chaos gauge 30% faster and buffing your attack power by up to 25% at level three while in Chaos mode. Alternatively, the Lunar Voice engraving replaces the Swoop enhancement stacks with a flat buff, granting you up to 160% bonus damage from Persona mode at level three.

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