Midnight Suns Made Deadpool DLC as He “Sucks the Air From the Room”

Deadpool was almost included in the base game of Marvel’s Midnight Suns, a new strategy game from XCOM developer Firaxis that replaces soldiers and percentages with superheroes and a deck of cards. However, the team decided against it because they were concerned he would end up being a deciding factor in the game’s plot. Additionally, the character-based DLCs will actually add to the game’s content in a few ways. If that sounds intriguing to you, check out our review of Marvel’s Midnight Suns, one of the best strategy games in recent memory.

This comes from a PCGamesN interview with Marvel’s Midnight Suns lead designer Jake Solomon, a self proclaimed Marvel comics nerd, who wanted to make sure each character was represented right and in a way they wouldn’t drastically outshine each other, especially Deadpool.

“Originally we toyed with the idea of putting Deadpool in the base game,” Solomon explains, “but it’s like the kind of thing where anytime Deadpool shows up, it becomes the Deadpool show.

“The way that Marvel put it was ‘Deadpool kind of sucks the air out of the room.’ So we were like, ‘Yeah, I guess that’s true.’ So we decided to wait on that.”

Deadpool, along with Venom, Storm, and Morbius, are the four DLC characters coming to Marvel’s Midnight Suns post-release, with each being integrated into the full story in natural ways. In fact, Solomon told us how in some ways these DLC characters will actually get more play than those in the base game, as being separate DLCs allowed for each to be focused on more individually.

“They actually have more content in a lot of ways than some of the base game heroes in the sense that they all have three narrative missions solely devoted to them and their [own] part in a whole new storyline,” Solomon says. “Those missions are available very early in the game.

“Those characters have all the same content as the base game heroes, relationship wise, tactical wise, but they have even more narrative missions than most of the other heroes.”

If you’re excited for Marvel’s Midnight Suns and want to get prepared, we have the Marvel’s Midnight Suns system requirements, alongside all the extra information about the Marvel’s Midnight Suns release date, season pass, and more.

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