Minecraft Mod Lets You Explore Your Old Simcity 2000 Cities

Although a decent Minecraft mod is capable of many things, it is extremely uncommon for one to use resources from another game to create entirely new areas that you can explore in the sandbox game. It may seem strange, but that’s exactly what this Minecraft hack accomplishes, and SimCity 2000 players will have a great day.

SimCity 2000, despite its name, actually came out way back in 1993, which probably makes it a good 10 years older than half of the people who visit this site. The game has you building up incredibly detailed pixel art cityscapes and trying to manage the needs of everyone in them. It’s a hugely entertaining game, and is one of the most popular, and therefore likely influential, entries in the genre.

While there probably aren’t too many players who have save files lying around for one of the best city-building games on PC, if you’re one of those who does have a save file, a fan of the two games has created a mod that allows you to convert SimCity 2000 cities into Minecraft maps. We’re not clever enough to understand how it works, but you can watch a YouTube video below on the results.

It’s an incredibly impressive achievement, and you don’t even need to know how to install Minecraft Forge 1.19 to make it work. If you want to get involved and try it out, you can grab everything you need for the process over on GitHub. Have fun revisiting your nostalgia and exploring the beautiful cityscapes.

If reading all of this has you feeling all kinds of inspired but you don’t have an old SimCity 2000 save file to work with, then you should try out one of the best Minecraft seeds to see if you can build anything cool. If you want some ideas on what to build, have a look at the best Minecraft castle ideas and go out there and get creating.

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