Minecraft Mod Turns Sandbox Game Into a Beer-Crafting Brewmaster

Some of the available mods for the sandbox game Minecraft might provide completely new elements that make it feel more evocative of other game types or genres. We’re bringing you a Minecraft mod today that enables you to produce beer because it’s a terrific method to keep you playing the game until the end of time.

There is a whole universe of Minecraft mods out there that can change just about anything you could possibly want in the game. That means you can add Breath of the Wild-style mechanics if you want to, as long as you know how to install Minecraft Forge 1.19. You can also do things like adding in beer brewing that has the sandbox game feeling more like Brewmaster than anything else.

The Drink Beer Refill mod allows you to brew your own flavours of beer by using different spices and ingredients, and you can then sell those on to gain access to even more ingredients. It’s a fun little distraction from the more traditional Minecraft approach, especially for those with a love of brewing and drinking. Not only that, but you can drink the beers in the game and even overindulge.

There are other mods that do similar things to this, but as there’s already farming in Minecraft anyway, this Minecraft mod feels quite at home amongst all of the standard systems. Of course, you could always just play a different game, but then you’d be missing out on seeing Steve getting a little tipsy, and that’s got to be worth the price of admission here. The price is free, and you can download the Drink Beer Refill mod from CurseForge.

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