Modern Warfare 2 Composer Quits Call of Duty Over “Working Dynamic”

Sarah Schachner, the composer for Modern Warfare 2 and Predator and Prey as well as Predator and Prey, has left the latest Call of Duty game from Infinity Ward and Activision, citing difficulties with the “working dynamic” as making it “challenging” to continue working on the first season of Modern Warfare 2 and CoD Warzone 2’s upcoming releases.

“I am sad to say I can no longer continue to compose music for MW2/Warzone,” says Schachner. “Over the past couple of months the working dynamic with the audio director has become increasingly challenging and I don’t see any path forward.”

Schachner discusses the release of the Modern Warfare 2 soundtrack album, saying they are “unsure” of its status as it has been “taken out of my hands.” Call of Duty’s thumping soundtrack is an integral part of both the campaign and multiplayer experience, particularly accompanied by the booming sounds of the best Modern Warfare 2 guns, and a full album release is something fans may eagerly anticipate. Schachner similarly acknowledges the “hard work” of the CoD audio team.

“I would like to acknowledge the incredible hard work of the audio team as a whole, and I hope you still enjoy it because I put so much work and effort into it,” they explain in a statement posted to Twitter, and initially reported by Eurogamer. “The score features some wonderful performances by musicians Baseck, Brain Mantia, and M.B. Gordy. I’m truly appreciative of the outreach so far and I feel a responsibility to the fans to remain authentic in my approach with the game and its sound which I have been a part of creating for many years.”

Modern Warfare 2 season one and Warzone 2, which feature Schachner’s music, are both set to launch November 16. Even armed with the best Modern Warfare 2 LMGs, or the best loadouts in general, CoD’s steep difficulty curve is a source of frustration, with feedback centring on skill-based matchmaking and how it is making the shooter hard to enjoy.

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