New Destiny 2 Lightfall Sparrow Has a Message From a Familiar Face

Astute players in the well-known FPS game Destiny 2 have noticed that a message in Morse code contained in a Lightfall sparrow lore entry appears to be from a familiar Character. The character also appears in the most recent story mission of the game.

The Morse-coded message on the Inside Line exotic sparrow lore tab translates to “STILL ALIVE INSIDE NETWORK IDIOT KIDS.” Although the game doesn’t expressly tell players who shared the message, the wording is reminiscent of a character who has been MIA for over two years.

Though new players may be unfamiliar with the grumpy researcher Asher Mir, veteran players were happy to hear of his possible return to the space game. The message reflects something Asher would say, and his last known whereabouts before Lightfall were to the effect of being submerged in a body of Vex radiolarian fluid just before Io and several other celestial bodies disappeared from the game. Further, Asher has previously been known to communicate in Morse code.

The implication is that Asher, whose arm turned to that of a Vex after being captured by Vex enemies long ago, has survived within the Vex network. This network could be likened to a metaverse in that he may exist as an avatar or in a space between technology and the real world. The Vex themselves are living beings, despite also being robotic in form.

Asher’s form also appears in the new Partition: Hard Reset mission, part of a slew of new activities and quests in the Season of Defiance. It’s unclear what role he will play in the seasonal storyline, but players have shared their excitement in seeing Asher’s likeness again. Here’s a clip of how he appears in the mission.

The reference to the “idiot kids” could refer to the Inside Line’s lore entry, which features a relatively mundane story about two kids contacting one another via radio signals in Neomuna. This would hint that perhaps Asher is trying to communicate with them but that they are oblivious to his message.

Players can earn the Inside Line exotic sparrow as part of the game’s season 20 pass rewards. Notably, the mission also contains areas in which players should use their sparrows, which has led to some players calling for the return of the Sparrow Racing League. An event activity from the original Destiny game, the Sparrow Racing League involved Guardians taking one another on in sparrow races and was a beloved activity among players.

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