New League of Legends Champions Are Coming, but You’ll Need to Wait

Riot Games may release new League of Legends champions more slowly in the future because it wants to devote more work to the MOBA’s more established champions and game types. Riot Games is the developer of Valorant and League of Legends. The announcement coincides with League of Legends Season 13’s revamp of champion prices.

The most recent LoL champion, K’Sante, was released back in November 2022, following a busy year for the MOBA which also saw the launch of Zeri, Renata, Nilah, and Bel’veth, alongside Udyr’s long-awaited rework. The next League of Legends champion will be Milio, a young child with fire powers who serves as a support and healer. They’re expected to arrive as part of Season 13 in early 2023.

Going forwards, however, we may see new League of Legends champions less regularly, as Riot says it is altering its update plans to provide a little more focus on tweaking existing champions and game modes.

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“We’re ramping up on updates to older champions and game modes which may slow new champion releases,” says Riot in an official statement. Though this surely won’t affect the launch of Milio, it could mean that receiving five or six new champions per year is a thing of the past.

The statement comes as Riot also announces an overhaul of League of Legends champion prices. The cost of new champions will now be based around how many seasons they have been available for, rather than how many champions have been released since they arrived. Hopefully this will open up the roster to newer players, while giving you a little more variety as you wait for the new characters to join the roster.

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