New Rainbow Six Siege Operator Solis is IQ But on Defence

The brand-new Rainbow Six Siege operator, Solis, is modelled after the game’s original character, IQ, except Solis is on the opposing team. There are many reasons to be excited about Solar Raid’s main addition, despite the fact that that may sound incredibly reductive and possibly even a little tedious.

Let’s start with the key details. Solis is a two-speed, two-armour defender. She can equip either the P90 SMG or the ITA 12L shotgun for her primary, and the SMG-11 for her secondary. Her gadget is the Spec-IO Electro Sensor, which is a pair of AR goggles that allow her to see enemy gadgets through walls up to a few metres away. This gadget operates on a cooldown, but it also has a secondary function: you can scan an individual enemy gadget so that its location is revealed to the rest of your team.

While IQ has always been a useful presence on the attack, she’s only really brought along as a direct counter to hidden defender gadgets and traps – her role is to speed along the roam clear. Solis, on the other hand, is a lot more versatile, providing early reads on attacker locations, hunting down drones, and more crucially, directing other teammates so they can successfully counter an attacking play. Bandit and Kaid tricking could become a lot more viable as Solis can easily call out the correct wall panel to place electric gadgets on.

Solis can also be used proactively, teaming up with another roamer to hunt down attackers who are inside the building and using their gadgets to gain further intel. This is especially helpful against trapper-style attackers, including Nomad, anyone with claymores, and even intel-gatherers like Jackal. IQ players will still have the edge in a 1v1 though, as Solis cannot equip a weapon while using her gadget.

The new Rainbow Six Siege operator will be available when Operation Solar Raid launches on December 6. As with previous operators, she’s first available for a week to anyone who purchases the premium battle pass, and then available to purchase for either 25,000 Renown or 600 R6 Credits. There’s a lot more than just Solis coming, though, so check out our full Rainbow Six Solar Raid breakdown.

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