Overwatch 2 Loses First Game’s Cow Jiggle Physics, Fans Are Distraught

One particular update to the Blizzard FPS game’s 6v6 predecessor from Overwatch 2’s alterations that have been the subject of controversy since its release is particularly upsetting players. As fans fall in love with the new Overwatch 2 characters or express their dissatisfaction with the queues, glitches, and server downtime that have led to Blizzard handing out Overwatch 2 compensation packages, the release of Overwatch 2 has generated plenty of news and buzz, both positive and bad.

In particular, some fans have expressed disappointment in some of the changes made to Overwatch 2’s looks and UI following the switch to its new engine for the sequel. One specific adjustment has just been spotted by the community, however, and it’s left a particular fan favourite looking rather deflated.

The object in question is a giant inflatable cow that can be found on one of the games Korean control maps. This bouncing Busan bovine balloon, as it were, can be found sitting atop a building in the Downtown map, where it watches joyfully over proceedings with a contented smile on its face. In the past, players found that shooting the cow would cause it to jiggle delightfully – leading to some fans making musical compilations of it dancing along to various songs.

Following the arrival of Overwatch 2, however, shooting the cow now causes it to buckle and deflate rather upsettingly, instead of its usual saucy wiggle. It’s a much less satisfying sight, and understandably players on Twitter and the Overwatch Reddit are crying out for the old physics to make a return. “They’ve taken everything from me,” says one, while another comments, “There’s no point in getting Overwatch 2 now that this is gone!”

A little dramatic, perhaps, but there’s no denying that it’s a sad day for Overwatch fans. Some, however, are expressing shock that the mechanic existed in the first place. “I’ve played since the release in 2016 and I never knew you could do this to the cow,” remarks one user. Others concur that they also didn’t realise, while some are similarly shocked that players could have missed it, saying that “Someone like me does it every single time I come out that spawn door.” Another adds, “I always shot at it, I love how it wiggled.”

Hopefully popular demand will see the return of the original cow jiggle physics in the future – though it may have to wait for more urgent issues such as the Overwatch 2 Bastion exploit that caused the hero to be temporarily removed from the multiplayer game. Meanwhile, our Overwatch 2 tier list should help you get up to speed, and our guide to the best Overwatch 2 settings for PC should ensure you’re running smoothly.

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