Overwatch 2 One Punch Man May Herald Map Ip Crossovers, Blizzard Says

With a number of well-known Overwatch 2 characters, including Genji Genos, Mumen Ride Soldier 76, and Kiriko Terrible Tornado, receiving One Punch Man skins, developer Blizzard has addressed whether or not we can anticipate additional IP crossovers for the multiplayer game, with Overwatch 2 maps being a potential in the future.

Plenty One Punch Man characters arrive as Overwatch 2 skins in the game today, as the Overwatch 2 One Punch Man crossover comes out swinging. While this crossover is limited to Overwatch 2 skins, weapon charms, name cards, and victory poses, Blizzard is aware that it could be making crossover Overwatch 2 maps as well, but they’re an entirely different beast.

“The difficult part with map crossovers is that it does take a lot of work to make an Overwatch map, and we play test them to death, and even then they still have their challenges,” Overwatch 2 art director Dio Rogers says in a press interview (via Dexerto).

Rogers then refers to the multiple layers of Overwatch 2 map development, which sets them apart from a crossover like Overwatch 2 One Punch Man, with balancing, competitive, readiness, and visibility all playing a part.

That said, Rogers would love to see something like Naruto’s Hidden leaf Village in Overwatch 2, so we can all dream right? This is by no means a confirmation of the next Overwatch 2 crossover, or that we will be getting maps, but it definitely seems like it’ll happen.

If you want some help as you jump back in for the Overwatch 2 One Punch Man crossover, we’ve got your back with a look at the best Overwatch 2 settings for PC, and a comprehensive Overwatch 2 tier list of all heroes as well.

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