Overwatch 2 Support Role Feels Stale And Needs A Shake-Up, Say Fans

Are you an Overwatch 2 support player, and is the game’s allure waning? Many believe that Blizzard should concentrate on adding more diverse support characters to the FPS game’s roster in order to help liven up team compositions and strategies, even though support is intended to be a crucial component of the team dynamic in the competitive multiplayer game on paper.

Look at it this way, teams are made up of five players in Overwatch 2: two DPS, two support, and one tank. At present we have 17 DPS to choose from, eight support, and ten tanks, and discussion has reignited as to how these numbers don’t line up for varied support choice, as effective team combos often dictate the best support heroes before they’re even picked.

This is why one Overwatch 2 support player is saying we need the next three heroes to be supports, to help the role feel fresh and varied. “The compositions are too homogenous when there’s only eight support to choose from,” writes Tantra_Charbelcher. “There’s more than double the DPS options, but you need just as many supports now as DPS. I wouldn’t say any of the support characters are bad, they each play vastly different from one another, but when every game needs 2 supports, we need more options.”

With only eight options, if you need to pick to match your team’s one tank or DPS players, it can feel like the eight choices shrink down even more. If you’re hoping for a new support hero fairly soon you’re all out of luck, as it’s been confirmed that the Overwatch 2 season 2 new hero will be a tank, and “someone that players have seen before.”

It feels like more support will end up being a pipe dream, at least for quite some time. It’s undeniable that there aren’t that many in comparison to DPS, especially considering team are made up of the same number of support and DPS heroes.

If you want to check out what players are saying about this call for more Overwatch 2 support heroes, you can go to the Reddit thread.

In the meantime we’ve got a lot of guides to help you have a better experience in the shooter, with our list of the best Overwatch 2 settings and an Overwatch 2 tier list of the best characters in the game as well.

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