Overwatch 2 Symmetra Legendary Skin Spotted in Hero Gallery

A new Overwatch 2 Symmetra legendary skin looks to be available, however the Blizzard FPS game hasn’t yet put it up for sale. Since Overwatch was reimagined as a free game, replacing its loot box model with premium-priced skins and an Overwatch 2 battle pass, there hasn’t been a shortage of discussion surrounding the character skins in Overwatch 2. In light of the fact that players will have to pay if they don’t want to spend hours grinding to unlock the tank for themselves before he appears in Overwatch 2 competitive play, there have been worries raised that the new Overwatch 2 hero Ramattra dangerously approaches a “pay to win” paradigm.

The other big question around Overwatch 2’s new model remains: will Blizzard stand by its premium pricing of 1900 Overwatch Coins for a legendary skin and 1000 for an epic? At $9.99 USD or £8.39 GBP per 1000 coins, fans are wondering whether paying close to twenty dollars for a skin is worth the value of a free-to-play environment. This has been raised once again after players spotted a new Overwatch 2 Symmetra skin called Art Deco present in the hero gallery.

The skin gives the Indian DPS hero a rather stylish black and gold dress, complete with matching boots, a redesign to her prosthetic arm, and a snazzy new hairdo. It joins a Cyber Dragon Hanzo legendary skin featuring a horned, demonic black and yellow look for the archer, and a Prideful Reinhardt epic skin themed in green and white with a lion mask. All three skins look rather dramatic – but they continue to cause concerns over pricing.

Most comments focus on the cost of the skins rather than their designs, with players admitting that they like the looks but that the cost is too high. Speaking to the cheapest of the three, one says that “The Rein skin is honestly pretty dope. I’m not gonna buy it though.” Another jokes about the Symmetra cosmetic, calling it “The roaring 20$.” Another says, “I actually love it but man.” The Hanzo skin comes in a bundle including a player icon, voice line, and spray for the same 1900 coin price, offering marginally more value.

Of course, the players who are upset are likely to be the most vocal; if prices don’t change, that suggests there are plenty of players who are quietly buying the skins and continuing to play the game. Many fans say they recognise that this model falls somewhat in line with pricing in other recent free-to-play games including the likes of Fortnite and Apex Legends, but express that they’d love a way to actually earn a meaningful amount of in-game currency by playing the game.

The Art Deco Symmetra skin has also sparked debate over what makes a skin ‘legendary’ – with some players complaining that it feels too close to her default look. Others note that, while the silhouette may be comparable, almost every part is a new art asset. Her dress has a similar form at the front but looks very different from behind, her boots are a new shape, and her hairstyle has an overhaul. Personally I’m a big fan of her new look – though I’m not sure I’m willing to pull my wallet out for it. Time will tell if players do, however.

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