Rainbow Six Siege Solar Raid Update Invite Bugs Have Been Resolved

Some gamers in the FPS game Rainbow Six Siege are unable to queue with their buddies due to an upgrade. While Operation Solar Raid’s patch added many eagerly anticipated new features to Siege, it also seems to have brought some significant issues. Players are unable to invite friends, squad members, and friends to their lobby, and problems have arisen with battle pass ranks and charms from the previous season’s ranked system.

Ubisoft says that the Siege team is “aware of issues with the squad and invite features affecting all platforms and are working to resolve these problems.”

While the devs work out what’s wrong, players on the Siege subreddit have shared potential solutions for people running into the issue. Generally, the main suggestions seem to be to toggle the new crossplay matchmaking feature on or off – simply changing it seems to help in some cases.

Players should also be aware that purchasing battle levels at the moment doesn’t always work – you may not get the expected levels and tokens with those purchases, so it’s probably wise to hold off on those until Ubisoft signals the all-clear.

In a tweet posted shortly after this story went live, Ubisoft said the Siege team has found the source of both the squad invites issue and the battle pass tokens and levels issue, and both should now be resolved.

Ubisoft also says it’s investigating an issue that has caused many players to not receive the ranked charm they earned in the last season.

Solar Raid introduces new Siege operator Solis, who plays a lot like IQ, but for the defensive team.

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