Resident Evil 4 New Game Plus Confirmed, With Fresh Gameplay Details

Resident Evil 4 Remake new game plus is confirmed as Capcom releases fresh gameplay information about RE4 and explains how the horror game will resemble as well as diverge from the original. It turns out that there is a helpful new mode and that the beloved bear trap dog might not actually be dead, which is consoling news as we get closer to the release of Resident Evil 4. Leon Kennedy is prepared to take on the Las Plagas outbreak once more.

In a new interview, Resident Evil 4 Remake producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi and director Yasuhiro Ampo share various short facts about the coming survival game. Answering a series of quickfire questions, they briefly but matter–of-factly state, “yes, there is a new game plus.”

In the original RE4, this meant you could carry your upgraded weapons and health stats into a fresh playthrough, alongside all the unlockable outfits (Ashley’s suit of armour was an absolute blessing). Having the option to do so again, and punish all those brutal bosses with your fully upgraded Broken Butterfly, is definitely welcome.

But that’s not all the Capcom devs have to share about RE4 Remake. The game will also feature a new photo mode, ideal for capturing those – pretty stunning looking – action moments forever. Also, despite early gameplay trailers suggesting otherwise, it turns out the cute dog who you save from the bear trap, and later comes back to help you in the fight against El Gigante, might not be dead in the remake after all.

“I mean, unless someone does a DNA check, nobody knows whether that dog is the one you guys are talking about,” Ampo says, in the interview with Game Informer. It’s only a subtle hint, but perhaps Leon will find and rescue another dog to substitute for the poor pupper that we’ve seen so far.

Hirabayashi and Ampo also confirm that in the RE4 remake, helicopter pilot Mike will make a “few more appearances.” The village area will also be larger than in the original, and there might be a persistent, stalker-type enemy similar to Nemesis and Mr. X. “Enemies that follow you around,” Ampo says, thinking. “I’m pretty sure there isn’t one.” “Maybe there is,” Hirabayashi says, “but we will not tell you today.”

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