Rimworld Update 1.4 Blends the Ideology and Biotech Expansions

RimWorld, a colony management game, just released a significant upgrade that opens up a wide range of new genetic and robotic options. The Ideology expansion, which debuted last year, and the Biotech Expansion in particular are more compatible with one another according to the most recent RimWorld update. The combined additions in RimWorld open up additional story options, and they can all give your future colony exciting new twists.

With RimWorld update 1.4, several new Ideology precepts are available that tie into possibilities created by the addition of Biotech. Your people might develop a belief about bloodfeeders: people who revere bloodfeeders won’t have a problem with being snacked on by vampires, and will in fact like having them around. On the other hand, a people may revile them and turn into an enclave of dedicated vampire hunters.

Ideoligions can develop preferences for xenotypes, favouring certain characteristics or species above others. Believers will strongly prefer to live in colonies where people display these attributes, and they’ll resist attempts to turn them into any non-preferred xenotype.

With the Ideology expansion having introduced technology lovers and haters, RimWorld creator Tynan Sylvester felt these attitudes should probably carry over to the use of growth vats – you might have an ideology that believes growth vats are essential to their continued existence, but they’ll be grossed out by more traditional means of reproduction.

There are plenty more changes in update 1.4, and the full patch notes have all the details. Check out the best RimWorld mods if you want to customise your next game even more.

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