Silent Hill: Townfall Trailer Breakdown Reveals Enemies, Setting Info

Three new Silent Hill games that aren’t being developed by Konami, as well as a “interactive narrative experience” and a fresh Silent Hill movie, are all in the works. Fans of the series have been waiting for news for a decade, and now that there are Silent Hill trailers everywhere, people are uncovering buried information and speculating about the horror games left and right.

One such speculating fan is Reddit’s LinusPixel, who’s taken to the Silent Hill subreddit to outline everything they’ve discovered in the reveal teaser for Silent Hill: Townfall, an upcoming game in the series being developed by No Code Studios.

LinusPixels’ work doesn’t confirm anything outright, but their dedication is certainly impressive, and may help us piece together more about the game’s setting and plot.

For starters, the date on the receiver in the trailer appears to indicate that the game will take place in October in the 1980s, if the blurred-out date on it lines up with when Silent Hill: Townfall actually takes place.

“The VHF/UHF (Very/Ultra High Frequency) signal distorts as it gets further away from the device, leading me to believe the trailer is set outside of the town, similarly to later entries in the series (SH4 onward),” adds LinusPixel. This is purely conjecture, but they do note that the use of the shoreline may also indicate that parts of the game take place outside the town itself as well.

At 32 seconds into the video there’s also a shot of some maps, which I personally think could point to the CRTV pocket television acting as some sort of in-game UI or tool, to help with navigation and tracking. That said, I’m personally purely guessing there.

LinusPixel also points to a classic enemy, Valtiel, at the 45 second mark. Valtiel appears on both Silent Hill 3 and Silent Hill: Revelation, with their potential appearance in Townfall coming down to how the line down the middle of the characters forehead in the footage makes it look like Valtiel. What this amounts to, if anything, obviously remains to be seen, as it could just be a similar looking enemy or something else entirely.

Check out the trailer again for yourself and make up your own mind, as it seems like we’re going to be waiting for quite some time until we hear about Silent Hill: Townfall again. You can also check out LinusPixel’s Reddit post for the exact images and comparisons too.

If you’ve got a need for more Silent Hill news we’ve been covering the series extensively since it came back, with Silent Hill 2’s Masahiro Ito denouncing a headcanon rumour. We also took a look at the Resident Evil and Silent Hill showcases, and determined that one horror franchise knew how to present much better than another.

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