Skyrim Mod Bringing Nvidia DLSS Support to Bethesda RPG

Want Skyrim, a Bethesda RPG, to look even better? The old open-world game Skyrim is currently getting a mod that includes Nvidia DLSS and other upscaling options, and support for the VR version of the game is also on the way. To give you an idea of the changes coming to Tamriel, a YouTuber has created a video showcasing the upgrades.

Nvidia DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) is an AI upscaling tool developed by Nvidia for its own series of graphics cards, which have the game run at higher resolutions than typically allowed, leading to a cleaner looking game overall.

The Skyrim mod will also support FSR2 and XeSS – the super sampling for AMD and Intel graphics cards respectively – so if you don’t happen to have an Nvidia GPU, you can still reap the benefits of Super Sampling.

You can check out YouTuber Mern’s video where they talked to the people behind the Skyrim mod adding Nvidia DLSS support below.

This is possible as Bethesda has left dynamic resolution code in the base game of Skyrim, so modders can access it and use it to add things like DLSS to the fantasy game. Mern also notes that a similar method could be used for DLSS in Fallout 4, if the same type of code is there to be found.

The Skyrim mod adding DLSS and other upscaling methods from modder PureDark can be found on GitHub. It’ll work for Special Edition and Anniversary Edition, with VR support being worked on too. If you watch Mern’s video and check out the GitHub itself, you’ll find everything you need to know about getting this Skyrim mod to work.

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