Sons of the Forest Cheats and Console Commands

Sons of the Forest cheats may seem like a meaningless method to breeze through the terrifying game, but they would undoubtedly make a second playthrough with friends a lot more enjoyable, or they can be utilised to come in handy when you’re in a jam — or rather, in a pitch-black, cannibal-infested cave.

There were plenty of The Forest cheats and console commands – the predecessor to Sons of the Forest – with all sorts of effects, including invincibility, free items, killing enemies, and more. With the Sons of the Forest release date approaching as fast as a creepy mutant, it’s time to start thinking about whether the new horror game has its own methods of giving you a leg up, so here’s everything you need to know about Sons of the Forest cheats and console commands.

Sons of the Forest cheats explained
So far, since the game hasn’t landed in our laps yet, we are unaware as to whether there are any Sons of the Forest cheats. That said, we can assume that console commands and cheats will be available in The Forest 2, since the original game had its own.

If Sons of the Forest does have cheats, it would be safe to assume that some would be the same as those from the first game, so here are a few Sons of the Forest cheats we think (read: “hope”) might make it into the survival game.

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