Sons of the Forest’s Kelvin is the Chaotic Pal Everyone Loves to Hate

Sons of the Forest’s Kelvin may be your first friend, but his erratic, if humorous, inclinations are already driving the neighbourhood insane. While creator Endnight Games reports that Sons of the Forest sales statistics topped 2 million in its first 24 hours, the horror survival game sequel is already so popular that gamers have discovered one particularly odd Kelvin trait that’s both humorous and annoying.

Building out your Sons of the Forest base is hard work, so thankfully you don’t have to do it alone. Kelvin, one of the elite soldiers who was accompanying you during the game’s initial setup, is eager to help – despite the ensuing helicopter crash leaving him unable to talk or hear. Instead, you can make notes on your notepad and show them to Kelvin to have him perform a number of activities, including gathering resources and building shelter.

Of course, because Sons of the Forest cannibals and mutants are constantly roaming the woods, you’ll want to make sure you’re as well-protected as possible. One smart way to do this is to build a treehouse – by positioning yourself a little higher off the ground, you give yourself a welcome vantage point and raise yourself above any threatening people or wildlife that might suddenly pop in for a visit.

It’s about as safe as you can get early on – or so you’d think. Enter Kelvin. Helpful as he might be, Kelvin isn’t necessarily the most perceptive fellow, and it’s leading to a wealth of hilarious misunderstandings as players ask him to collect them some logs to help build out their base. Unfortunately, Kelvin doesn’t seem to recognise the existence of structures attached to trees, and so that big, burly trunk located square in the middle of your camp looks like an optimal source of lumber to him.

“Do not trust Kelvin,” a post on the Sons of the Forest Reddit reads. There’s really not much to say other than to watch the magnificent video above – which is far from the only one of its kind, as it seems many players are running into the exact same problem. Some are already busy making memes out of Kelvin’s destructive tendencies, while others are suggesting potential fixes like an option to mark certain trees as ‘essential’ to prevent Kelvin from chopping them down.

Regardless, we really can’t stay mad at the poor chap – he’s been through enough as it is, and his innocent little thumbs up after crashing your base to the ground atop his own head is so funny that it makes me forgive him on the spot. Plus, if Kelvin dies in Sons of the Forest, your other companions will be just as heartbroken as I would be. Be careful what you wish for, then.

With this knowledge, maybe it’s best to keep the Modern Axe in Sons of the Forest to yourself if you’re looking to avoid any incidents. Instead, find out how to get Virginia in Sons of the Forest, and make sure you gear her up with the best Sons of the Forest weapons once she’s on your side. You might also want to know if Sons of the Forest trees regrow after Kelvin’s finished taking them to task.

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