Stardew Valley Mod Lets You Resurrect Your Grandpa, With a Catch

We have a candidate for the best Stardew Valley mod, and it’s a tiny but hilarious addition to the adored farming and life simulation game. This Stardew Valley mod, which is centred on the well-known grandpa, doesn’t actually add that much or significantly alter the gameplay, but that doesn’t make it any less of a must-download for PC players.

Called “Buildable Grandpa” and developed by Tikamin557, this mod does exactly what it says on the tin and lets you craft grandpa and his bed from the beginning of Stardew Valley, which was a very heavily memed part of the game as many thought his Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-esque appearance looked a bit… off.

Now, though, you can bring Grandpa back from the dead instead of waiting for his ghost to show up in Stardew Valley and have him ever present at your farm, not saying anything but still judging, waiting for you to slip up.

You can even make the buildable Grandpa end content in the Stardew Valley mod, which makes it even harder to build with higher costs if you fancy adding another endgame challenge to the game after you’ve ‘beaten it.’

Grandpa’s Monument, as the buildable is called, normally costs 30,000 gold, 5 iron bars, 3 cloth and a strange doll, if you fancy going about it the normal way instead. I assume this means the strange doll becomes your grandpa, which has ramifications I will not attempt to address here.

According to creator Tikamin557 the Buildable Grandpa truly has “no useful functions. Just sleep,” which is a total mood, let’s be honest. If you want to check out the Stardew Valley mod for yourself, and let’s face it why wouldn’t you, it can be found over on Nexus Mods.

Another Stardew Valley mods lets you take up restaurant management instead of farming, or you can turn Stardew Valley into a roguelike if you so choose instead.

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