Starfield Petition Asks Bethesda to Boost Arabic Accessibility

We now know when Starfield will be released; happily, it will happen far before 2023 despite the fact that it will arrive later than anticipated. Thousands of Starfield players have signed a petition requesting Bethesda to expand its localization efforts by adding Arabic language support to the upcoming space journey as we prepare to board Constellation and explore New Atlantis.

As of this writing, the petition for Starfield Arabic support has gathered over 3,400 signatures in just five days. Addressing Bethesda directly, the petition’s description says that “We, the Arab players, would like if you would kindly add the Arabic language to the Starfield game. It does not matter if the language is immediately after its launch or two months after…thank you.”

According to the Starfield Steam page, the game will offer either full audio support or subtitling for ten languages including Russian, Chinese, and Japanese. Arabic however is not listed. Bethesda RPGs Skyrim and Fallout 4 also do not offer any form of Arabic language support.

Supposedly featuring over 250,000 lines of spoken dialogue, from what we know of Starfield so far, the game will boast an enormous world, story, and script. Other RPG games however do offer Arabic language support. Hogwarts Legacy provides an Arabic interface and subtitles, as do The Witcher 3, and the expansive Cyberpunk 2077.

“There are over 360 million Arabic speakers in the world,” one signatory of the Starfield petition writes. “A game like Starfield, an epic space odyssey, should be something shared by all humanity in as many languages as reasonably possible.” “Gaming should be accessible to everyone regardless of where they are from,” another says. We expect to learn a lot more about Starfield during the game’s dedicated showcase on June 11.

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