Survival Game Stranded: Alien Dawn Early Access Set for October

A new survival game is on the way, this one coming from the developers of sci-fi city-builder Surviving Mars. The Stranded: Alien Dawn Early Access release date is set for this October, and the game challenges you to lead a small band of survivors who find themselves marooned on a beautiful but hostile alien planet.

Stranded: Alien Dawn has been developed by Haemimont Games, who you may remember from Surviving Mars. For Stranded: Alien Dawn, the focus is tightened in on a small band of survivors, who you’ll have to look after in order to build a new home on their newfound homeworld.

You’ll start out with nothing but the very basics, salvaging materials from crashed escape pods and other wreckage, while also foraging for anything edible. The alien world has its own endemic wildlife and potentially dangerous germs, so you’ll also have to defend your base from physical attacks and weird new diseases.

Haemimont Games says you’ll be able to build either a sprawling settlement or a fortified compound using a modular base construction system and “deep resource management”. In addition to arming your people and keeping them fed and sheltered, you’ll also have to make sure their psychological needs are met – which means you’ll eventually need to find some entertainment on this alien world.

Stranded: Alien Dawn is available for Steam wishlisting purposes now, and it’ll become available in Early Access in October, although the developers haven’t specified a date yet.

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